The 1st French agency 100% dedicated to Amazon since 2009

Support from start to finish on Amazon Europe & USA

Since 2009, we have been advising more than 200 SMEs and midcap companies on their Amazon strategy. 100% focused on this single platform, an essential new distribution channel for France and for export.
Amazon is our universe.
We wish it to become yours.

Krooga’s added value: our field experience

We manage Amazon strategies for more than 100 companies on a daily basis: their export strategies, their product sheets, their prices, their Amazon ads… The wealth of this field expertise is irreplaceable. Amazon does not explain its algorithms to anyone. You need to gain control over it. We did it. We share this with you.

Our clients

Our clients are our strength; we help them to become more efficient


Our added value? Our field experience!

Expertise Our added value? Our field experience! Because we have been a seller on Amazon, we have experienced and solved by ourselves all this platform specific issues.

With this experience, we decided to study, develop and pass on our expertise by gathering our expertise into 4 major themes leading to success: strategy, management, brand content and advertising.

Our expertise

You cannot improvise an Amazon strategy; let our experts take care of it!

How to position yourself on Amazon and in relation to Amazon? Should you move towards a BtoC model with the marketplace or retail (BtoB)? Which business model will be the most efficient for your market, your company, your products? Krooga listens to you and gathers all the decisive data in order to provide you answers; a single goal: the winning strategy!

A management which leaves nothing to chance, orchestrated by a dedicated project manager.

You can rest assured; our experts will take care of everything! To ensure a proper operation of your Amazon account on a daily basis, each account management is assigned to a dedicated project manager. Well-versed in the methods allowing to configure and solve your Amazon project, your dedicated specialist implements all the needed actions to take off your activity.

A conscientious and optimized brand content to boost your sales

Product listings, improved contents, brand stores… Each of these content types has its own content strategies, Amazon standards and validation systems through which our team will guide you. Editors, graphic designers and Brand Specialists work together to create and optimize each of these contents as close as possible to brands’ expectations.

Stand out from the crowd with marketing campaigns designed by specialists

Which Amazon advertising solution do you need to adopt? For which products? When and for what budget? Our Advertising Specialists recommend and set up custom advertising campaigns. Their goals? Showcase your brand and products, generate traffic and maximize your turnover.

Solutions adapted to Amazon

We manage and optimize your advertising campaigns

Krooga developed its own analysis tools and procedures to provide you clear and regular monitoring of the management of your advertising campaigns.

Save precious time, we manage your customer reviews

Track and monitor comment activity on your product pages and let Krooga control and handle first-level customer service.

You can track your Amazon results in real time

Our Data Monitoring solution allows you to monitor your Amazon offers’ evolution by visualizing them on a comprehensive and easy to use dashboard.

Receive clear and regular reports

Analytical reports, regularly provided by Krooga throughout your support, allow you to follow-up your performance.

Test the first global distribution network: Amazon!

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Tell us what is your challenge, we will tell you how to achieve it!