Our added value? Our field experience!

Because we have been a seller on Amazon, we have experienced and solved by ourselves all this platform specific issues.

With this experience, we decided to study, develop and pass on our expertise by gathering our expertise into 4 major themes leading to success: strategy, management, brand content and advertising.


Amazon is a global and therefore a complex distribution network. It does not provide one but 14 different marketplaces around the world. Integrated for the customer, but differentiated for the merchants. Amazon offers two main options to host a merchant: “vendor” and “seller”.

Amazon does not just offer a logistic option. Amazon is a sales territory to conquer. Our consultants support you in this discovery. They choose with you the best choices for your products and services strategy.

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Management of opérations

Our clients' projects are unique. After having developed the most efficient market conquest strategy, we carry with them the management of operations, until they obtain the desired results.

Krooga managers all have over 5 years of experience on Amazon.

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Brand content

You don’t need to be on Amazon, you need to be seen. In order to achieve this objective, you have to execute a demanding content strategy: enriched product sheets, videos, moderation of customers reviews, and so on. Krooga’s brand content teams take care of it for you.

Krooga is a digital production agency: we create all the Amazon contents your brand needs.

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Amazon is already the world's 3rd largest online advertising operator. Amazon's "data" culture allows brands to execute ultra-targeted, high-performance campaigns for 100% controlled budgets.

Krooga’s advertising teams give you advice to choose an efficient media strategy on Amazon and to manage your online advertising budgets.

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